Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Cerignola 1503 - Derby Worlds Report

I counted them all out, and I counted them all back. All of the Italian Wars figures and terrain pieces are back in their cabinets and I'm glad to report that they all made the trip to Derby Worlds and back safely.

I'd just like to say thank you, on behalf of the Ilkley Lads, to everyone who stopped by the Cerignola game. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the show; despite the somewhat cramped conditions imposed by the smaller new venue.

Everyone seemed extremely chatty and friendly this year - I can't remember a game or set up that generated as much interest or as many questions.

Steve R., who came all the way from Perth (Scotland) to help out, explains the game to one of his (many) lady friends.

(The) Don, dice in hand, who came up from London to help with the game on Saturday just after d'Ars cavalry crashed into the earthwork following the powder explosion (foreground).

The games, one played on each day, were both played to a satisfactory conclusion: The results came as a complete shocker. The French won both! The first day's result was down to a powder explosion happening on the first turn of the game when the gun in front of d'Ars exploded and d'Ars' cavalry successfully charged the ditch in the French phase of the same turn; it was a case of 'a perfect storm'.

A good shot of the set up early in the game on Sunday. In the foreground d'Alegre's cavalry can be seen arriving on the battlefield as d'Ars goes into the attack.

The second game was contested rather more closely, with both sides tiring, but the Spanish were eventually forced to throw in the towel when the Landsknechts collapsed. As a re-fight of Cerignola it wasn't that historical, partly due to the downgraded definition of the ditch and earthwork, but as a game it was highly entertaining.

Steve R. and Graham H. (the designated driver - thanks, Graham) overseeing the French attack on the second day of the show. This shot shows the proximity of the nearby tables: breath in!

Anyone wishing a for a more historical scenario result should count the earthwork as a strong fortification that affords a +2 morale save bonus and a +2 melee result bonus for defending a fortification. However, for a game that keeps the French player interested I would keep everything as it is here.

Finally, some "Bad War" as Swiss and Landsknechts go at it hammer and tongs. This shot is from Saturday's action when the Swiss suffered heavily at the earthwork.

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