Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Long Time No Post

James has been completely snowed under with painting commissions and other projects.

One of the projects is a "little bit" of painting for a League of Gentlemen Wargamers weekend. These weekends, three a year, are for themed games and last November he volunteered to organise the one for November 2017.

The game, because it is going to be one big game, is to be the Italian Wars. Not a battle from the wars, but the wars themselves. He will use a multi table 'map' of Italy for everyone to play the parts of Spain, France, Papal State, Venice, Milan, and so forth. The table, perhaps 18 x 30 feet (plus walking spaces between tables), will represent Milan to Venice and the Alps to Naples.

As he's going to be providing most of the troops for this monster game he's been busy painting some additions. The latest additions are:

Ten Archer cavalry. These make one unit and bring another up to full strength. Figures are Old Glory. In the game cavalry will probably be in units of 6. Hopefully there'll be enough for about 50 units.

Four guns and crew - three light and one medium. The figures are from all over the place including Foundry, Old Glory, TAG and Essex. James found a use for two Henry VIII figures - he liked artillery. The multi-barrelled green organ gun is scratch built. The big barrels are by Play Mobil.

72 Italian pike by TAG. James likes these figures a lot as they are very easy to paint. They also work well as Picard pike men. James hasn't done the changeable flags yet and will probably buy them from Pete Smith. Pike will probably be in units of 24 for the LOGW game. All told he has about 800 pike men, including 144 Italians.

72 Landsknechts. You can never have enough of these! James would certainly like another 100 or so to add to current establishment of 252. The figures are by Old Glory. They have a certain charm and, their price (£26 for 30 figures) is very competitive, especially as you need lots of them. They have plenty of variation of dress and they are well sculpted. For Landsknechts they are also quite easy to paint, which is helpful.

Next up will be 32 arquebusiers and 32 Gendarmes to be followed by 48 halberdiers and 48 sword and buckler men. Then James will have to blow the dead moths out of his wallet and buy some more figures!

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