Sunday, 21 December 2014

Marignano 1515 - Solo Refight Turn 2

The French activate at the first attempt in the first few cards turned. The crash of artillery fire at the entrenchments carries to the French mainward. The Landsknechts come to order and the Gendarmerie mount their steeds in readiness to confront the spiteful Swiss.

At the entrenchments things are not going well for the French. All along the line the Swiss begin to break in.

Cardinal Schinner was in the thick of things, rallying the Swiss to even greater efforts. Schinner was lucky to escape with his life - he rolled ones on each command card but lived to tell the tale.

The Gascons collapsed without much of a fight.

The Swiss charged Bourbons reserve line of Picard pike men and Gendarmes. The dice rolls here were very unequal - the French pike rolled two very low rolls in a row and they were severely punished for it. They were not worth a 'stubborn morale chip' payment to save at 5 UI lost and vexed.

The Landsknechts are the first to move forward in response to the call to arms.

Fighting at the entrenchments bought some time but, would it be enough?

Resistance at the entrenchments was almost over. The Swiss pike were still in fine fettle whilst the French second line of defence was taking shape.

The Gendarmes under Francis I (mid distance, on the right) make their way to a position on the right flank of the Swiss pike squares. The Picard pike fought poorly and were routed in short order. A clash of greater import was about to occur between two arch enemies. There was going to be a 'bad war'.

The French were having some success too. Bourbon's horse managed to rout a unit of halberdiers and their brave captain (the commander of the Swiss) was killed whilst trying to rally them. The Swiss captain (centre figure on the round base) rolled 'one' on his first attempt to rally the routers, followed by a second 'one' on his survival die. The Swiss command was now rolling a D6 for motivation and has slowed down as a result.

The positions at the end of turn two. The Swiss have 35 morale points left. The French have 41.
I'm really enjoying this. It is much closer than the last time I fought this battle. The killing field is, at the moment, full of living men scrambling grimly towards each other. Things are about to get very bloody.

At this rate, I'm going to get another solo game in over the holidays! I wonder what period / battle I should do? Any suggestions?

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  1. More Italian Wars. I'll suggest a battle after I have booked lunch.