Thursday, 19 June 2014

Cardinal Schiner - Command Stand

The Swiss "Commander-in-Chief" command stand for Marignano is finished. Technically, the Swiss shouldn't have one. Their high command was a committee that, having devised a battle plan, usually split up to lead the various contingents of the army before the battle started.

But, its nice to have a figure head who stands apart from and above the army's division commanders. Massimiliano Sforza, Duke of Milan, will not serve for this. He was a Swiss glove puppet through whom they mercilessly robbed and extorted every penny they could out of the Milanese. Cardinal Schinner, on the other hand, as a Prince of Mother Church, has the gravitas to perform that debatable function and here, with a cross carrying monk and a high ranking Swiss minder, he is:

Perhaps I'll try doing a Julius II figure next:

I even have a choice of seated characters to convert. Graham H kindly gave me a "Conference at Yalta" pack last night - Hmmm, which one should I use?

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