Friday, 8 March 2013


Yesterday evening, I finished knocking out a couple of Stradiotti units. The figures are by TAG. When they arrived in the post I liked them very much but, having painted them, I think they are more 'wooden' than other figures in their renaissance range. Having said that, all of the figures were cleanly cast and were very easy, and quick, to paint.

I bought 15 figures (1 unit pack of 12 plus a blister of 3) to make 2 units of 8 figures each. The missing figure (not pictured) will be made up using an Old Glory Stradiot left over from when I reorganised and based the collection. As it happens, the figures mix reasonably well, though the OG stradiot is more 'dynamic'.

I have not done any standards specifically for these units as they can fight for anyone. Those with upright lances can be used as bearers for sabot flags (flags on 3/32" aluminium tube).   Anyway, the units:

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