Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cerignola 1503 at 1:20

As regular readers will know, this battle has become almost habitual on this blog [only a slight understatement: Editor]. I am currently working towards putting on Cerignola 1503, as a demo-game, at Sheffield Triples on 18th / 19th May 2013. Peter and I will be running the game using our house rules "Hell Broke Loose". As it is going to be 'out and about', I have decided to make it more of a spectacle by increasing the number of figures involved. It is now scaled at 1 figure to 20 men.

The figures are nearly finished. I have three more units of Foundry men-at-arms to paint. These will replace the units in Gonsalvo's command currently represented by two units of WoR knights and a unit of archer cavalry. When these are finished I will have to do 5 cavalry standards (mainly Italian) and the 3/32 'flag pole' tubing has been ordered!

Other jobs, still pending, are to finish the two buildings and make a 12" section of earthworks. I'll probably make several sections with the gabions purchased at Vapnartak and match it to the existing ones. I also have to lighten the shade of the baize cloth with yellow and caramel spray paint. Yellow is the prime colour for this.

The main change to the scenario is that D'Alegre, commanding the French rearguard, will start off-table. Initially, I thought of having him arrive on the second or third turn in a typical 'wargame scenario' way. Then, thinking about the variable move distances in "Hell Broke Loose", I decided to have him visibly march to the battlefield. He must physically march across one end of the table before arriving. The white arrows on the deployment map show the exit and entrance points. I like this because it should build in more tension, and stuff will not just appear on the table from out of a box.

French Order of Battle

The French [Blue] battle line; Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours, commanding [A].

Louis d'Ars [B]: 3 units of 8 gendarmes, 2 units of mounted crossbows.

Tambien Chandieu [C]: 1 unit of 180 Swiss pike.

Gespard de Coligny [D]: 6 units of 12 French crossbow, 2 units of 36 French pike.

Yves d'Alegre [E]: 4 units of 8 gendarmes, 4 units of 8 Stradiots, 4 batteries of 1 gun. All in column and marching to the battlefield.

Spanish Order of Battle

The Spanish [Red] battle line: Gonsalvo de Cordoba [A] commanding.

Gonsalvo de Cordoba [A]: 3 units of 8 Spanish men-at-arms. (These are the troops that need replacing).

Fabricio Colonna [B]: 3 units of 8 Italian condottiere men-at-arms.

Diego de Paredes [C]: 2 units of 36 Spanish infantry in colonela, 2 units of 16 Italian arquebusier.

Fabricio Zamudio [D]: 1 unit of 90 Landsknecht pike, 1 unit of 12 Landsknecht arquebusier.

Pizarro de Paredes [E]: 2 units of 36 Spanish infantry in colonela, 2 units of 8 Spanish genitors, 1 unit of Italian mounted crossbow.

Pedro Navarro [F]: 2 batteries of 1 gun.

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