Thursday, 21 February 2013

Which Is Best?

James writes: At Cerignola there were about three and a half thousand Swiss pikemen. I'm currently planning on re-fighting this battle at a figure scale of about 1:20. This gives, using nice round numbers, 180 Swiss pike figures (30 stands of 6). That is a lot of figures to deploy as a block, and far more than I'm used to - so which of the following looks better?

The two shots above show them deployed in 6 ranks of 30 files - I'll call this "Linear".

The two shots above show them deployed in 10 ranks of 18 files. I'll call this "Square".
So, which do you think is better, looks better, etc?

Please note: I do know that there are 12 stands of Landsknechts in this unit - I'm in the process of painting up the 72 Swiss replacement figures.

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