Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Newly Recruited Gendarmes

Someone once said that a wargamer could never have too many Landsknechts. Well in my opinion the same goes for Gendarmes . I have added another 6 units, each of 8 figures, to the 'heavy metal' pile. This week I painted half of them.

This is a strange batch, in that it comprises several eBay purchases, hence only 5 barded horses in the mix instead of 8,  rather than a chosen mix.  However, there is still enough variation to make them look irregularly dressed.

To speed up the painting I have not been over ambitious in the 'design' of dress. No vines and flowers in this batch, I'm afraid, just simple geometric designs, but they look good enough for me.

Also, there is only one standard bearer. He was a spare from the re-basing of the collection. In the next batch of three units, I'll do 5 standard bearers giving one for each new unit.

All figures are Foundry, but lances are by TAG. All were painted by me in Humbrol enamels, though the highlights on the metal bits are done with Vallejo because Humbrol bright silver, is no longer bright enough!

Anyway, here are the remainder of the new additions.  As always click on the image for larger images:

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