Monday, 5 November 2012

Cerignola Battle Report

The following report is very brief: the game was brief and very one sided. The scenario, as it stands, does not work very well; at least, as a game it doesn't. It does, however give the feel of a futile French attack, which according to the historical accounts is what happened.

I'm becoming a little obsessed with this battle. I find it interesting for several reasons: the varied OOBs; the terrain; its colour; its tactical importance historically.

The colour will make it a good demo game for conventions next year and possibly a magazine article. However, before it can be either I have to make it work as a game.

My next post will be Cerignola version 3. I will look at my sources again and combine them with a French bias. Whilst trying to maintain historical creditability, I will give the French a better chance of winning than they actually had.

Anyway, onto the battle fought last Wednesday evening:

Light cavalry opened the battle. The Spanish lost in short order.

The French advanced towards the entrenched Spanish.

The Swiss went in.

The French top right, stood off to skirmish with their crossbows.

Munitions explode in the Spanish lines - the Swiss must take advantage.

The Spanish react first. A colunela crosses the defences, wheels onto the flank of the Landsknechts and pours on fire.

Chandieu is killed, the Spanish give one more push, the Swiss break. The cavalry is faring even worse. The French infantry are leaderless.

Game over!

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