Monday, 29 October 2012

Cerignola 1503 (Part 1) - Redux

When you realise you've done it wrong the best thing to do is admit it. So here we go again, and apologies to all.

I posted a link about this scenario to TMP. One of that group, Puster, pointed out the absence of 2,500 Landsknechts which took a central position in the Spanish line. The presence of these troops is completely ignored by Oman, Taylor and Sides, so I dismissed their presence in Gaury's work as an aberration.

However, Mallet agrees that they were there, and reading Gaury again establishes not only their number, but who sent them (Maximilian) where they were recruited (the hill country) and how the rest of the army felt about their presence. In fact they were greeted as most welcome comrades by the Spanish army; the soldiery thought them wonderful.

I have now added the Landsknechts to the order of battle. This adjusts the ratio of figures to manpower from 1:50 to 1:40. The French army has been adjusted accordingly.

As I am now trusting Gaury more than my other sources, I have decided to add to the French deployment. Gaury states that the French line was deployed as follows:
"The force was in three main columns echeloned from right to left. The heavy cavalry was on the right, led by d'Ars, 400 knights and light horse under d'Algre, on the left. The Swiss…Gascon and other infantry under Chandieu were in the centre."
The French "cavalry of the left" are omitted by all except de Gaury. I have assumed that the total cavalry was about 400, not that there were 400 knights plus light cavalry. Most of the gendarmerie must have been on the right with the "heavy cavalry". I have therefore chosen to add a small unit of gendarmes and a unit of Argoulets (mounted crossbow) on the French left.

The historical background remains largely unchanged but the bibliography, deployment map and orders of battle need to be changed. I have also taken new photographs of the revised game set up. So here it is, Cerignola 1503 version 2.

Additional source
  • Mercenaries and Their Masters by Michael Mallet (Rowman and Littlefield, 1974).

Orders of Battle

  • 4 units of Spanish infantry: each 36 figures strong (16 arquebus, 8 sword and buckler, 12 pike).
  • 1 unit of Landsknecht pike: 54 figures strong.
  • 1 small unit of Men-at-arms: 4 figures strong.
  • 2 units of Genitors: each 8 figures strong (skirmish).
  • 2 units of Light Artillery: Each 1 gun strong.
  • 2 units of Stradiots: each 8 figures strong (skirmish).
  • 2 units of Gendarmes: each 8 figures strong.
  • 1 unit of Gendarmes: 4 figures strong.
  • 1 unit of Argoulets: 8 figures strong.
  • 1 unit of Swiss pike: 90 figures strong.
  • 5 units of French crossbow: each 12 figures strong (skirmish).
  • 1 unit of French pike: 54 figures strong.

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