Friday, 6 January 2012

Ravignano - Part 1

I am still doing some basic play testing of Thirst of War and Blood. This time I have set up a field battle centred on control of some high ground.

The armies are historical but, they are out of time and place.  The French army is based on that at the Battle of Marignano 1515.  The Spanish / Papal army is based on that at the Battle of Ravenna 1512.

Numbers were taken from Renaissance Battles 1494 - 1700 Vol.1 by Peter Sides, except that:
  • There are no war carts,
  • I have put the Papal infantry at 4,000 rather than 2,000,
  • I have given the Papal light cavalry crossbows rather than arquebus (of which I am temporarily short of).
Figure scale is between 1:40 and 1:60 - I'm not much of a bean counter.

To make life interesting (this is a solo game) I have added an off table force:  the Medici Black Bands. They will arrive on the appearance of  a Stratagem card as off table flank reserves; on the French left / Spanish right.

I have not decided which side they will end up fighting for. This will be decided by a roll of the dice.

The French Army comprises:
  • 1,500 Gendarmes,
  • 9,000 Landsknechts,
  • 4,000 French pike,
  • 2,000 Gascon crossbow,
  • 500 French light horse,
  • Artillery.
The Spanish / Papal Army comprises:
  • 1,800 Italian men-at-arms,
  • 450 Spanish men-at-arms,
  • 900 light horse,
  • 800 Genitors,
  • 8,000 Spanish infantry in four brigaded coronelas,
  • 4,000 Papal infantry
  • Artillery.

I aim to play this game out over the next few days. I'll try and take some shots of the action and provide a narrative account.

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