Monday, 2 January 2012

The Battle of Fastapasta - Part III

Turn 2 sees action become general. It also sees the French and Venetians reach a single morale chip, having lost over forty during the game, whilst the Imperialists and their Papal allies sit pretty with twenty one, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Whilst the Imperial Landsknechts attempt to evict the Swiss from 'the outpost', with little success ..

The Venetians begin to cross the bog and stream to the flank of the Imperial camp ..

Whilst the French and Venetian main force storm the outer defences:

After a fierce fight the Landsknechts force the Swiss out of 'the outpost' but are spent in doing so. Meanwhile the Swiss have rallied several UI losses and are ready to renew the assault.

Note the Genitor cavalry which has worked behind the Swiss and is harassing them at every opportunity.

Then, to make matters worse, the Imperial commander is killed trying to rally the Imperialist pike - all of his units are vexed:

The French turn a Group March and their Venetian command moves into position:

Almost immediately following they turn a Chow Bella  wild card- they declare it as a melee card for the French pike and Landsknechts:

"Here they come!":

In a series of dashing melees the French and Landsknechts storm and penetrate the defences. But the Venetians are held:

The French pike push on into the camp. Advancing uphill into the reserve Spanish coronela they receive a crashing volley of arquebus fire that the French will find hard to rally.

At 'the outpost' things go badly for the Imperialists - the Landsknechts break.

Things are not going well for the French either, the Venetian pike is forced back from the works then showered with arquebus fire until it falls back in great disorder.

So ended Turn 2.

The French are breaking into the camp everywhere, but they have expended so many morale chips in UI losses, and UI rallies, that they must win just about everything from now on without failing army morale checks en route.

Here are some general close of turn shots:

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