Monday, 20 July 2009

2009 Campaign - Initial Moves

This Pike and Plunder campaign is being fought by email. James is the Umpire responsible for correlating the information relayed by the players including the sequence of player moves, dealing out campaign and ruse de guerre cards and deciding any resultant campaign die rolls.

The players are Pete as France, Colin as Spain, Alistair as Venice and Jason as Papal State. They were chosen, on a first come first served basis, after an appeal on the Yahoo Piquet Group.

They are responsible for all of the strategic (map related) decisions.  The battles are being fought by the Ilkley Lads using James’ superb wargames table.  There is battle league table to encourage the Ikley Lads to scrap for battlefield victory points not that they need much encouragement.

The campaign has started slowly because the players came to it cold, did not know James and had no face to face or telephone contact before starting the campaign.  It’s finally under way and I hope that the campaign can now progress quickly now that the first movement phase of turn 1 has been completed and the players are comfortable with the mechanisms.

This blog is also being used by the players to keep theme selves informed and to view the latest date board positions.

Initial Dispositions

  • Army A1: Under King Charles VIII of France (rating 2nd) at Naples. Value 60 florins.
  • Army B2: Under Gaston de Gusset at Gaeta (rating 2nd). Value 20 florins.
  • Army C3: Recruiting / idle in France (rating 3rd). Value 0 Florins.
  • Army A1: Under Alfonso Rodriguez del Spada de Rayo (rating 2nd) at Barletta. Value 63 florins.
  • Army B2 and C3: Recruiting / idle in Spain / Sicily (both rating 2nd). Value 0 florins
  • Army A1: Under Bartolomeo d'Alviano (rating 3rd) at Venice. Value 15 florins.
  • Army B2:Under Alonzo Birchomani (rating 2nd) at Brescia. Value 70 florins.
  • Army C3: Recruiting / idle in Venice (rating 3rd). Value 0 Florins.
Papal State
  • Army A1: Under the brothers Vetelli (rating 3rd) at Pesaro. Value 60 florins.
  • Army B2 and C3: Recruiting / idle in Rome (rating 2nd and 1st respectively). Value 0 Florins.
  • All states have an agent deployed in their home territory
So after initial deployments the campaign board looks like this:

Map Key
Mid Blue Kingdom of France
Red Kingdom of Spain
Yellow Republic of Venice
Mid Green Papal State


  1. Reading the rules France Cant have two armies in the Neapolitan kingdom or am I missing something??? says 0-1 armies in Naples or Geata

  2. You are correct. France didn't deploy correctly and James did not spot it. Neither did anyone else until round 2. Some crafty umpiring led to the smaller army becoming a garrison.