Monday, 20 July 2009

2009 Campaign – Turn 1, Phase 1

Turn 1, Phase 1

  • Having randomly decided the order of play Venice was to go first, followed by Papal State, Spain and France.
  • Each Player was then dealt three cards from the Campaign Card deck.
  • Card#31: ‘Reinforce army’ event option taken to increase army A1 value by 15 florins. A1 now has a value of 30 florins.
  • Card#38: ‘March 1st and 3rd’ option taken to march A1 to Ferrara.  This cost 6 florins and as Venice, had an empty war chest was paid from A1’s army value. A1 now has a value of 24 florins.
  • Card#48: ‘Move Agent’ option taken to move Agent 1 to Ferrara.
Papal State
  • Card#17: ‘March 1st, 2nd & 3rd’ option taken to march A1 to Ravenna.  Papal State has a claim to Ravenna so this cost 0 florins.
  • Card#36: ‘Move Agent’ option taken to move Agent 1 to Florence.
  • Card#43: Discarded.
  • Card#1: Mandatory event ‘Collect Domestic Revenue’ which will take place at the end of the phase. Ruse de Guerre Card option was taken. The nature of this card is only known to myself and Colin.
  • Card#11: Discarded.
  • Card#13: Discarded.
  • Card#14: ‘Gott Hilf Mir! Luther’ option taken successfully. The Papacy now fears for its dominance over the Mother Church and cannot exercise its right of excommunication outside Rome itself until the campaign card deck has been reshuffled.
  • Card#25: ‘March 1st, 2nd & 3rd’ option taken to march A1 to Barletta.  Costs 4 florins and paid from the French war chest.
  • Card#39: ‘General Hires Local Mercenaries’ option taken. Army A1 hired 6 florins worth of army value at cost of 10 florins from the war chest.
At the conclusion of turn 1, phase 1 the campaign board looked like this:

Map Key
Mid Blue Kingdom of France
Red Kingdom of Spain
Yellow Republic of Venice
Mid Green Papal State
With the armies of France & Spain in Barletta will battle be joined?  We’ll have to wait and see.


  1. For us casual observers, could you put the relevant colour next to the country in the updates??? :o)

  2. For you Steve ... done!

  3. What has happened to the campaign ?

  4. As you may have gathered the campaign ran into a few difficulties. James is looking to re-start this in 2010.