Thursday, 28 May 2009

Version 2 – Final Draft

Things have progressed really quickly and James now has a final draft of the rules to read through. 

I’ve received the Campaign card deck from James who’s currently working on the Ruse de Guerre card deck. 

The text of the rules is complete and all that I need to do is design a frontispiece and insert a small image of the new map when that is ready some time in the next 48 hours.

We’ve decide to produce both an A4 and a US letter version so there’ll be some tweaking required before creating the pdfs.  We’ll also be checking that the pdfs print properly and that they aren’t too large etc.

In summary: the rules are 98% done; the map will be finished today; the campaign deck is being readied for publication and the Ruse de Guerre deck is being compiled.  All these should be finished by late next week leaving only the pdf creation to do.

In the meantime, and by way of a sampler, here’s a pdf of the introduction, contents pages and author’s notes from version 2.0 for you to download.

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