Sunday, 10 May 2009

Latest News on Version 2

As some of you may know James has been working on a Crusades project called Ager Sanguinis which was published in Miniature Wargames earlier this year.  Apart from these rules he also spent quite some time painting both armies and if you like eye candy then I can recommend a visit to James’ blog.

All this has meant that Pike & Plunder has not been developing as quickly as James and I would have liked.  To be honest I thought that it had stopped altogether.   So imagine my delight when I received an email from James containing this paragraph:
“I have been re-working Pike and Plunder for a few weeks now. I've been fundamentally changing it into a campaign to be played with any tabletop rule set, two to four players (rather than just two), and so the map part of the campaign can be played by post or  email to free up 'table gaming time'. It is a different, and much better, beast.”
James estimates that the final draft is about a month away.  He’s currently working on the tricky bits of map to table and back again.  So it looks like Version 2 will soon be available. 

To reflect the work involved, the plans are to make Version 2 a low cost pdf whilst Version 1 remains a free download (see resources sidebar for links).

Finally, I’d like to raise a practical matter.  At present all pdfs have been  designed for A4 paper and I’d like to know if you’d like the option of a US letter version?  Please reply via the comments.


  1. I agree with Steve; offer both, although I would use the US as A4 is a bit of a pain to work with in the US-most aren't set up to handle it.

  2. I would like the option of a US letter version.