Wednesday, 30 April 2008

James, Salute and Good News

Ever wonder what people look like? Well here's a picture of James holding the best painted army trophy from this year's Salute.

The Lance & Longbow Society's Steve Rimmer won the trophy for his game based on the Siege of Orleans. James was pleased because he'd painted all of the figures. Well done Steve and James.

The good news is that James and I had a good chat and it emerged that James is going to restart work on Pike & Plunder fairly soon. This will include a fresh campaign and finishing version 2 of the rules.

Finally, I tried to persuade James to write up the end of the last campaign. Perhaps a few comments from you, the readers, will give him that extra incentive to tell us what happened at the end of the first campaign. Please leave your comments and let's see what the coming weeks bring.


  1. Fantastic site! Have been painting up 28mm Italian Wars figures for the last 6 months and these campaign rules look great. Many thanks for the hard work you have put into this blog and the rules.

  2. Ive enjoyed reading about your campaign, and I for one would love reading a wrap up of it.
    Good stuff!

  3. ...I saw the Orleans game at Salute - that's a well deserved win!!

  4. Hi, really wonderfull!!!
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    Regards, Christophe

  5. Do you know of any pictures of that Orleans game? Thanks.

  6. The Orleans game is featured in the July edition of Wargames Illustrated with lots of pictures as usual.