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Campaign moves - 12th December 2007

This was a long campaign turn for little gain. All of the Player States had very little money, if any at all, in their coffers. This led to lots of cards being turned without much happening until new revenue started pouring in again.

Papal State
Following His victory at Ravenna, and keeping faith with the terms pertaining to the Papal Spanish alliance, God's Warrior and his army marched via Bologna to Modena. After a short bombardment (as soon as the first siege marker was laid) it was taken by storm. The losses were very heavy, 40 florins worth of troops perished at its gates. Meantime their armies at Spezia combined and were reinforced. This huge army immediately mutinied for pay, a pay demand which the Pope was unwilling or unable to meet, 53 florins worth of troops disbanded.

France slowly built up its army at Genoa. This newly reinforced army then marched on the Swiss at Milan; promising to liberate Milan's population from the extortions of the Swiss soldiers. But the French were unable to bring on a field battle. The French turn ended on, to the relief of all, the Collect Domestic Revenues card.

This was the worst of bad times for the Venetians. The newly elected Doge, on hearing news of the defeat at Ravenna, its fall, and the fall of Modena, promptly died of apoplexy. The Venetian army having withdrawn to Ferrara quickly recruited every able bodied soldier it could find, draining the Venetian war chest in the process. Seeing the Papal army march northwards, the army, picking up the garrison from Bologna en route, marched to Ravenna and attempted to force a battle with the depleted Spanish army and retake the place. On arrival the newly recruited soldiers demanded that they should be paid before any forthcoming battle. Unable to satisfy their blackmail attempt 60% of the army deserted within sight of the enemy.

Without any money in its war chest Spain was the only power to achieve much. Following their ally's victory over the Venetians, Ravenna fell cheaply to a Spanish assault. Soon afterwards a newly recruited Venetian army arrived to retake Ravenna, but by God's Grace, its soldiers deserted en-masse, and the initiative passed once again to the Spanish. Two armies, marching from the south, one coming all the way from Spain via Sicily, reinforced Gonsalvo (a type 1 leader) at Ravenna. This army harried the Venetians back to Ferrara. Indeed, the Venetians only escaped by playing a Strategic Withdrawal card. Gonsalvo vigorously pursued. Bad weather delayed his first attempt to bring the Venetians to battle, but finally their luck ran out. Outnumbered very nearly 2:1 the Venetians were cornered and forced to fight.

Who's winning?

Victory points: 37
War Chest: 78
Armies: A,B & C (Ferrara) worth 118

Papal State
Victory points: 33
War Chest: 108
Armies: A (Modena) worth 59, B & C (Spezia) worth 90 & garrisons at Florence

Victory points: 26
War Chest: 75
Armies: A (Ferrara) worth 63

Victory points: 20
War Chest: 104
Armies: B (Milan) worth 71 & garrisons at Turin

Latest board positions

Coming soon
The battle of Ferrara. To be fought week commencing 17th December 07.

Written and photographed by James Roach.

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