Monday, 31 December 2007

Battle of Pavia

This 24 page, 2003 paperback from 2003 on the Battle of Pavia was recently recommended by Pete Smith on the RenWars Yahoo! Group. The publisher says of the book:
"One of the roles of art is to tell us who we were and are in history. To this end, the Ashmolean, the museum for Oxford University, has started publishing a series of small, individual publications that thoroughly analyze major paintings.

This is a study of a piece by an unknown artist of the Siege and Battle of Pavia which took place between the French and the forces of Emperor Charles V in February, 1525. The unusual work shows numerous foot soldiers and horsemen representing phases of the Imperial assaults on the French besiegers and presents Paris from the north, with a detailed account in a compressed synopsis, of the main events of the battle. Notes by the painting conservator who recently completed its restoration and a chapter on the heraldry in the picture are included. "
It's only £3.95 at Amazon but it looks like it's out of stock at the moment so there may be a slight delay.  I'll be adding it to my next order.

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  1. The Pavia pamphlet is also available direct from the Ashmolean Museum's online shop with £1.50 P&P. A good little painting guide and simple overview of the campaign and battle.