Friday, 26 October 2007


In early October James Roach released a set of free campaign rules. Since then he's added a number of campaign and battle reports to various forums and groups. There's been a lot of positive reaction so I've set up this blog for him to collect the reports in one place. In the future reports will be posted here as and when they are released. The blog format is useful as it allows people, and especially play testers, to make and read comments.

From James' original post:
For the past few months I have been working on a four player campaign system for the Italian Wars. Although I am using Piquet's Band of Brother rules for table-top action, the campaign system should be readily adaptable to most rules.

The Ilkley Lads will start to play it, for the first time, on 05 September 2007. I hope that other groups will play test the system and comment here.

The [rules] are not a fully comprehensive, more extensive notes, but most things are covered. Being card driven, and as no orders or umpire is required, they will suit those who like campaigns but do not have the time to put in the extra effort outside of "gaming" night.
The various files are hosted as pdfs by Vexillia and as Word documents on the Renwars Yahoo! group.

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