Friday, 26 October 2007

Campaign moves - 3rd October 2007.

During the initial campaign turns – the play rotated three times finishing with the French still in play – all of the states jockeyed for position wondering who would declare war on whom first. Isabella of Spain died.

France invaded the Duchies of Saluzzo and Savoy, taking Turin by storm after a close siege. In Naples its troops stood by to await events, and for want, plundered the place mercilessly; an act that did not reflect well on them.

Whilst scheming to take Milan, the plans of the Doge were dealt a severe blow by the untimely arrival of a large army of Swiss who, descending from the mountains, came to the aid of Maximilian Sforza before the Venetian army could act. [The Venetian Republic suffered from very short runs of initiative.] Deflected, their attention switched to the south and the army bound for Milan instead encamped around Bologna in the Romagnol.

Papal States
Led by their warrior Pope, the Papacy moved to secure their northwest borders with vigour. [The Pope was blessed, of course, with long runs of initiative.] By marching an army into Florence, and with much diplomatic effort, a friendly party who no doubt wanted rid of the Medici, opened the city gates [Ruse de Guerre card] and allowed the Pope to take possession. This was followed by more diplomatic effort to convince the Florentine Republic, now based at Pisa, that the Papacy had no further territorial ambitions; a truce of neutrality was signed. A further Papal army marched into Genoa.

[Hampered by a string of short initiatives] Spain sought to consolidate its position in the Kingdom of Naples by trying to invade Naples and throw out the occupying French army. France barred this move and Spain was unable to force a battle.

Battle of Barletta
With Spanish intentions now clear, France reinforced its army of Naples and marched on the Spanish occupying Barletta.

Army value: 150 florins
Battle Posture: Attack
Battle Hand: 8 VPs
Battle Advantage: 2 morale cards

Army value: 120 florins
Battle Posture: Defence
Battle Hand: 8 & 4 VPs
Battle Advantage: Remove one VP card (French 8 VP card)

The battle will be fought next Wednesday.

Written by James Roach.

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