Sunday, 23 August 2020

This Blog Will Close in December 2020

 This blog will close in early December and it will be taken down altogether.  This is part of my retirement plan.

The original content is still available at James' main blog and I have uploaded the following unique pages from this blog to the Internet Archive:

Of course if you want to save certain pages you can upload them to the Internet Archive yourself.


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Novara 6th June 1513: A Scenario

This will not be the first time we have re-fought this battle. Indeed, it's not even the first time will have re-fought it using our house rules Hell Broke Loose. However, the set up is different, especially with regards to the placement of the Landsknechts.

The game also has a few more troops in use than before. To enhance the visual spectacle without increasing the number of units I'm using 50% more stands per unit (e.g. a four stand unit is six stands strong). I have chosen a figure scale of 1:40 and a dollop of fudge.

The historical background is a cut and paste job from the original scenario. The order of battle and scenario notes are fresh, and I've put them together with notes about why I have chosen to do the set up the way I have and what fudges I've chosen to use.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Ravenna At Fiasco 2018: Fought To A Conclusion

As the clocks changed from BST on Saturday, most of us got an extra hour in bed so the early start, for a Sunday, didn't feel quite so harsh. The day was bright, cold but rain-free, which is always a bonus when you are loading open topped boxes of soldiers in and out of cars.

Furthermore, although the Ravenna game employed 999 toy soldiers (exactly) it is relatively 'terrain-less' so it all fitted into six large tomato boxes and a carrier bag (plus cloths) - small in comparison to some games, where a removals van would be handier than a car.