Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Battle of Garigliano River, 29 December 1503

As James prepares the refight here are his thoughts, amended unit characterisations and the initial dispositions for the battle.


Following the Battle of Cerignola in April the French fell back on their base at Gaeta. The Spanish, led by Gonsalvo de Corboba, followed up and laid siege but to little avail. When French reinforcements arrived Gonsalvo fell back on the river Garigliano where he took up a defensive position.

The winter weather was appallingly wet, "water answered the spade", and life in the forward positions was reminiscent of the trenches of WW1. To keep up morale the French withdrew much of their army into drier billets away from the river; much of their cavalry withdrew as far as Formia.

Meanwhile Gonsalvo, taking advantage of the French dispersal, planned a surprise flank attack on them. He cleverly had a special bridge of boats constructed, flat pack style, at the Fortress of Modragone: The prefabricated parts of this bridge could be assembled remarkably quickly. On the night of 28 - 29 December he secretly marched his best troops upstream to Sujo where his bridge was thrown across the river. At dawn, before the French knew what was happening, Gonsalvo's men were across the river in force.

So started Gonsalvo's crowning glory: the Battle of Garigliano.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Long Time No Post

James has been completely snowed under with painting commissions and other projects.

One of the projects is a "little bit" of painting for a League of Gentlemen Wargamers weekend. These weekends, three a year, are for themed games and last November he volunteered to organise the one for November 2017.

The game, because it is going to be one big game, is to be the Italian Wars. Not a battle from the wars, but the wars themselves. He will use a multi table 'map' of Italy for everyone to play the parts of Spain, France, Papal State, Venice, Milan, and so forth. The table, perhaps 18 x 30 feet (plus walking spaces between tables), will represent Milan to Venice and the Alps to Naples.

As he's going to be providing most of the troops for this monster game he's been busy painting some additions. The latest additions are:

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

New Project

If you like Pike & Plunder then you may be interested in James' latest project: Ager Sanguinis.  This is a set of card driven wargame rules for the Crusades.