Monday, 31 December 2007

Battle of Pavia

This 24 page, 2003 paperback from 2003 on the Battle of Pavia was recently recommended by Pete Smith on the RenWars Yahoo! Group. It's only £3.95 at Amazon but it looks like it's out of stock at the moment so there may be a slight delay. I'll be adding it to my next order. The publisher says of the book:

"One of the roles of art is to tell us who we were and are in history. To this end, the Ashmolean, the museum for Oxford University, has started publishing a series of small, individual publications that thoroughly analyze major paintings.

This is a study of a piece by an unknown artist of the Siege and Battle of Pavia which took place between the French and the forces of Emperor Charles V in February, 1525. The unusual work shows numerous foot soldiers and horsemen representing phases of the Imperial assaults on the French besiegers and presents Paris from the north, with a detailed account in a compressed synopsis, of the main events of the battle. Notes by the painting conservator who recently completed its restoration and a chapter on the heraldry in the picture are included. "

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  1. The Pavia pamphlet is also available direct from the Ashmolean Museum's online shop with £1.50 P&P. A good little painting guide and simple overview of the campaign and battle.