Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pike and Shotte: Report On Battle #2

A couple of weeks ago we played a second game of Pike and Shot. It was only a one night affair because the table would be required to organise our demo game at Fiasco (Leeds, 30 October). This wasn't a problem because the game had been set up to go through the rules, as a learning exercise, and to try out one or two ideas.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Pike and Shotte: Preparation For Battle #2

For our second battle using Pike and Shotte I'm going to be ambitious. It will use quite a lot of the possible Italian Wars troop types and plenty of them. Unit characterisations might change from one scenario to the next as might the odd 'value' but that is for the future. As you will see I am very keen on the unit characterisation rules.

We will play the game using the standard rules including the Command Blunder rules. This is against my better judgement but as they seem to be so popular that there must be something to be said for them: we'll see.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pike and Shotte: 1st Battle Report & Rules Conclusions

Battle Report

As there were three of us I decided the best way to proceed was to give Peter (French) and Graham (Imperialists) a side each and let them go at it whilst I acted as umpire. For details of the set-up see the previous post.

As only I had read the rules prior to the game I decided not to explain everything before we started as it would both confuse the issue and take far too much time.  This proved to be a good idea; within ten minutes of the boys turning up we were playing.